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The-Dream “Ditch That”

The-Dream, Terius Youngdell Nash, brains behind Rihanna’s worldwide hit “Umbrella” has finally released his debut studio album “Love Hate” and it’s pretty ok. There’s one song that stands out on the album for club play… it’s called “Ditch that” and it’s a hot track. Yes, it is annoying. And yes, it is going to become a pain in the neck, especially given the “ella ella” lyrics, obviously a link to umbrella. But it’s likely to be a hit for those very same reasons.

Someone’s uploaded the track onto youtube here, so you can give it a listen and see what you think. I’ve tried it on a club system and it sounds nice – loads of bass, feels a bit like Justin’s “Sexy back” but it’s a good bit slower – about 106bpm.


You can buy “Ditch That” on Amazon’s mp3 store here – all the mp3s are DRM free.


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