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Get used to the name now, Wale is a rapper with serious potential to be the next big thing internationally.


Wale, just so you know it’s pronounced “wah-lay” is a serious new talent in the music industry. This guy has emerged from the DC hip hop scene and is winning fans all over the place, some have even gone so far as to say he’ll be the man to save hip hop. I don’t know about saving hip hop – what I do know is this stuff will get most any decent crowd going…and even if it doesn’t, anyone into music will enjoy his stuff.

He’s got the backing of Mark Ronson, which alone adds hugely to his potential for success. Ronson has been championing Wale on his East Village Radio Show and asked Wale to play with him on his UK tour this year.

Wale recently released his third mixtape, 100 Miles & Running, mixed by Nick Catachdubs, which is available to download free at the official Allidorecords website the zshare link is here. I guess they’re trying to get some hype around Wale by putting the mixtape up for free download, and I think it’s a good idea. There are some really cool bits on this mixtape. W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E., the Amy Winehouse – Rehab remix and DC Gorillaz (which samples “Dirty Harry” by the Gorilla) are three great tracks nicely worked. Download it for free yourself and let us know what you think of Wale.


01 Let’s Ride f Daniel Merriweather (prod. by Mark Ronson)
02 DC Gorillaz (prod. by Best Kept Secret)
03 Breakdown (prod. by HitterQuitter Boyz)
04 Ice Cream Girl (prod. by Best Kept Secret)
05 Tasty Skit
06 Payback
07 Jay Joint (prod. by Judah)
08 Please Listen (prod. by Judah)
09 The People
10 Daytona Squared (prod. by Judah)
11 Bonified f Tabi Bonney (prod. by DJ Book and DJ Jealousy)
12 W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.
13 Good Girls (prod. by Teamwork Music)
14 Work
15 Warming Up Cane
16 Smile Remix (prod. by Mark Ronson)
17 Camp Lo
18 Nobody (prod. by Osinachi)
19 Rehab
20 Rediscover Me (prod by Aqua)


2 Responses to “WALE”

  1. definitely agree with you on this one…i’ve been listening to 100 miles now for a week straight and can’t seem to get enough. “i am an archaeological problem, bag me a bitch and bone like fossil”…

    dude is tight on his verbage…

    so first we had kanye, then lupe, and now wale…3rd times the charm


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